Not Lost in France


Not Lost in France.
As the title says so well, I'm not lost in France, in fact I feel rather more at home here than in the my own country. This doesn't mean that I have given up completely on my British origins, but there is something about France that just makes you want to stay. In my case that stay has lasted thirty one years, longer than I lived in England. It's also a bit of a paradox especially if you have a look at my family name. Still, you're here now so I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

I write Poetry and Short Stories.

Writing, Poetry, Creative Writing.

If you like what I write leave me a word or two of encouragement, if you don't then leave a word anyway. There are other sites out there in cyberspace worth the visit and where the writing, good or bad, is just waiting to be discovered.

I know there's a lot of French Poetry on my site at the moment but I'm getting back into stride and writing more and more things in English.

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